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Functional cookies

Venue Finder uses Mapbox.

Mapbox is an American service that offers a mapping service for websites. It is used in our site to display the results of a search and to view them on a map. Mapbox uses mainly technical cookies such as IP address, browser type, operating system, date and time of your visit. According to the mapbox website, this data is only collected in order to improve their service and product. Mapbox also collects randomly generated IDs to observe the number of service users and their behaviour. Mapbox may send this data (except personal data) to third-party sites for legal reasons or at the express request of Mapbox.

Traffic and behavioral analysis cookies

Venue Finder uses Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a Google service. It collects anonymous browsing information for Venue Finder uses Google Analytics to analyse and improve its service.






2 years

Google Analytics

Used to distinguish users


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Google Analytics

Used to distinguish users


2 years

Google Analytics

Used to persist session data


90 days

Google Analytics

Contains campaign data


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